Surprise Canada Trip

Way back in August mommy and Great Aunt Linda started scheming to get us up to Canada so we could surprise my grandma and grandpa Gamble. We took a long flight (I slept 6 hours straight which mommy really appreciated) and showed up at the family Thanksgiving meal to give grandma and grandpa a real fright! We had a great time visiting friends and family, but missed daddy who had to stay in Brazil.

2 Responses to “Surprise Canada Trip”

  1. gramma G Says:

    Superb job of capturing a wonderful surprise … I still get shivers once in a while when I remember seeing you and Lucas in the doorway!!

  2. Aunt Barb Says:

    Such a cool remembrance of your time in Canada! Lucas is such a charming little boy and it was neat to be able to enjoy him in person!!!

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