Look who’s talking (two)…

Mom and Dad and everyone else around here loves to make funny noises, so I thought I would join them!

4 Responses to “Look who’s talking (two)…”

  1. Dawne Warkentin Says:

    That is one adorable god son I have!!!!!!!!!!!! Love his little noises!!! Eat it up, before you know it he’ll be talking.

  2. Erica Says:

    THANK YOU!! I was lucas-deprived all summer….it was starting to show.

  3. Aunt Barb Says:

    What an absolutely delightful little boy you have!!! (And a rather talented person putting together the video).

  4. Grandma Gamble Says:

    Sure had fun watching and listening to Lucas! Can’t wait to hear him in person and give him more reasons to make noise. Grampa

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