Uncle Danny

My uncle Danny came for a whirlwind tour of Bangladesh…yeah, right. He came to see ME! We had lots of fun time and I got my fill of snuggles. See you in less than a month!

3 Responses to “Uncle Danny”

  1. Grace Says:

    so, so sweet! Precious uncle and nephew moments!

  2. Uncle Danny Says:

    Way to go David! Making Uncle Danny and Aunt Aline cry here in Brazil! 🙂

    Great song choice too. I really miss him.



  3. Grandma Gamble Says:

    Oh, what a sweet video!! Danny, you lucky guy to get in all that snuggle time. Yeah, I cried too … Lucas is just too cute and too far away… The Brazil family gets to see him soon! I’m just really glad we got to spend time with him earlier this year…he’s so precious, and so are his mommy and daddy.

    Love you three,

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