Look Who’s Talking!

Mommy and Daddy love coaxing me to make sounds…it’s amazing how happy I can make them with even rudimentary noises like “goo”. Of course, in secret I have been practicing their speech patterns and working on my equations that will once and for all unify Einstein’s quantum equations with the observable behaviour of the known universe. But until then, I’ve put this little video together so you can see my parents cooing and cawing at the slightest auditory emissions! Hope you like it. 😀

2 Responses to “Look Who’s Talking!”

  1. Uncle Drew Says:

    Hey bud! I guess you and Truman have something in common! He’s even got a movie about himself: Truman’s Show!

  2. Grandma Gamble Says:

    When Taara was that age, we made a tape recording [i know, i know, what’s THAT?] and sent it to her grandparents … this is MUCH better. Thanks Davi.

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