Still Loving…Me!

Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor again today, and the nurses tried to take my blood. They stabbed my arms a ton of times and made them all red! Daddy made some unrepeatable comments about the quality of the “best medical care in Bangladesh” but I put my hands over my ears for the worst of it. Now my arms are already healing up and I’m having my last meal before I go to sleep. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Linda (Great Auntie) Says:

    Hi you cute little thing you…. Lucas…. Auntie Jaz and I are watching you for our work break….it’s the most relaxing fun thing we could think of… and no… we cen’t get enough of you… those big eyes… blinking so deliberately… with all that attention, you will be oozing love when you get bigger… you sure have lots of visitors… and Auntie and I would love to be one of them….. not long if you come to Canada soon.

    Love you lots… and can’t wait to see you… oh, bring your Mommy and Daddy too… we want to see them… GA Linda (when you say, “GA GA” you will be talking about me!!!)

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