Go On, Say It…You Love Me!

I’ve been perfecting the art of keeping my parents just sleep-deprived enough that they do anything I want! In the meantime, I’ve been getting lots of visitors. Mommy and Daddy were planning on having a nice dinner at home with Aunt Liz, Aunt Sandie, and Aunt Gill, but I was able to foil their plans of excluding me with some well-placed cries. (HAHA!) Then I became part of the evening’s entertainment, passed around from arms to arms as they ate and played games. After a good night of sleep (for me), I got visited by Aunt Diane, Aunt Elaine, and Aunt Julie. I have so many Uncles and Aunts here but I’m dying to meet my real ones! Thank goodness Grandpa and Grandma Gamble are coming to visit in a few days!

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