Let There Be Love

My 6th day out was pretty uneventful, though I did have lots of visits. Uncle Jacob and Aunt Hosanna brought Elias over to play for a bit, and Uncle Ivan came over for lunch and talked to me as well. Aunt Diane snuggled up with me while Daddy and Uncle Ivan went out for “supplies” (by which I think they meant the shiny silver round things that they put into the bright picture box) and Uncle Matt and Aunt Carrie came by just before dinner to say hi to me and bring me some cute gifts! I like getting gifts. I hope this keeps up!

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  1. Dulcie David Says:

    Taara & David,

    It’s really awesome to see Lucas updates! It was good to get to see Hosanna and Jacob on this video too!


  2. Barb Wiens Says:

    David and Taara, I am absolutely enthralled with your little boy!! He is so precious. Love the videos – it’s almost (but not really) like having you guys living close by and seeing it in person. Such a neat way to introduce your son to the rest of his adoring fans! Love you, Aunt Barb

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