A Little More Action!

My fourth day out was quite busy. Last night Nancy Tenbroek came to visit and have a chat with me! I managed to keep my parents up most of the night *evil grin* and then slept soundly while they busied themselves with getting me to my pediatrician’s appointment. Once there, I decided that would be a great place to pee all over Mom and get her back for giving me all that gas last night! After that we went back home, Sandie Reeves came over to snuggle for a bit, and then I pretended to go to sleep (but just until Mom and Dad tried to take a nap). My plan to wear them out is working, soon they will bend to my every whim!

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  1. Karen Says:

    He is just too perfect! (Although you might wish he’d sleep a little better!) I love the part when one of you has your finger in his mouth and every so often, he pulls a face, like, “this isn’t what I want to suck on!” We used to do that all the time with our boys! It works for a bit at least! 🙂 He’s so precious! Thanks for the videos!

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