In case you didn’t get it…

Here’s my birth announcement, with my contact info. Girls, don’t all write at once!

Birth Announcement

2 Responses to “In case you didn’t get it…”

  1. Linda (Great Auntie) Says:

    Hey Lucas… you are SO cute… and cuddly… and hungry…. and beautiful!

    What does your name mean… and how do you like the world so far?

    Don’t wear Mom and Dad out too much or they won’t take you to the Canadian Club…

    I think you look like your Grandpa Eldon… hmmmmm…..lots of love ‘n prayers…. GA Linda

  2. Andre Serpa Says:

    Hey Lucas!

    I hope you are enjoying being out of the pool!!!


    Ps… Learn that the correct form is stuff so that when you grow up people don’t mock you lol

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